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José Manuel Guerreiro Santana começou a prática das Artes Marciais aos quatorze anos com o Mestre de Karaté Shotokan Luís Cunha, no Ginásio Clube Português, em Lisboa.

quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2009

Visit to Portugal - FULL SUCCESS

The Visit of Nippon Seigokan Overseas Headquarters to Portugal, invited by AKSP Seigokan Portugal, was a FULL SUCCESS.

May 18 - VIP Reception on Lisbon (Portela) Airport by AKSP Seigokan Portugal Delegation of 70 Members.

May 21 - Meeting with AKSP Seigokan Portugal Directory and Dinner.

May 22 - Visit to some AKSP Seigokan Portugal Dojo´s and Training Reception in the First Seigokan School of South Edge, "Campo de Flores" School, with 60 Members.

May 23 - Dan Grading Tests with 33 Candidates and next 34th Seigokan Anniversary Gala Dinner at "Quinta da Vitória" Restaurant, in Sobreda, Almada, with 95 persons, within them Municipality Responsibles, School´s Directors, Directors of other Schools of Karatedo and the National Karate Federation of Portugal President.

May 24 - International Seigokan Seminar with 210 AKSP Seigokan Portugal Members students.

May 25 to May 27 - Visit to Seigokan Italia with Santana Shihan, Portugal and Europe Seigokan Head Chief.

Congratulations for all AKSP Seigokan Portugal Members. Debtor for the contribution and delivers of all.

The AKSP Seigokan Portugal Directory

May 18 - CLICK HERE - VIP Reception by AKSP Delegation at Lisbon Airport Photo Album

May 21 - CLICK HERE - Meeting with AKSP Seigokan Portugal Directory Photo Album

May 22 - CLICK HERE - Visit to AKSP Seigokan Portugal Schools and Training Photo Album

May 23 - CLICK HERE - Dan Grading Tests of AKSP Seigokan Portugal Member´s Photo Album

May 23 - CLICK HERE - 34th Seigokan Portugal Anniversary Gala Dinner Photo Album

May 24 - CLICK HERE - International Seigokan Seminar Photo Album

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