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quinta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2012

Seigokan Europa - Structure

Seigokan Europa (Europe Seigokan Branch), born in October 2008, founded by Portugal Seigokan and Italy Seigokan, after Jose Santana Shihan (6th Dan) have been designated in July 2008 at Japan Seigokan Hombu Dojo, Europe Seigokan Chief Instructor, under the supervision of Masatomi Tsuji Shihan (8th Dan), Seigokan Overseas Headquarter Head Director. After that, more four countries joined Seigokan Europa organization. England, France, Romania and Mexico led by Roberto Ullrich Sensei. Two more countries are under observation. Several Seminars were carried out up to now and IDCards are been issued for its members. In the near future, is expected to carry out European Championships of Seigokan. Countries's Delegations will visit Japan in 2014-2015 to participate in the World Seigokan Tournament and do Dan Grading Tests.

Europe Seigokan Headquarters Secretariat

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